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Screen capture of sample training simulator featuring iRobot Packbot.

Looking to provide a safe hands-on training environment for expensive, hard-to-acquire equipment? Gemini’s training simulators offer a high level of equipment fidelity and provide a great opportunity for hours of practice in real immersive environments. Your students will get the benefit of hands-on practice and reliable feedback and you will save thousands of dollars!

Screen capture of sample of a virtual product catalog.

Gemini’s Virtual Product Catalogs are a creative solution to allow your company’s customers to experience and directly interact with your products. These catalogs are custom-tailored to your products and brand and can be device-specific or browser-based allowing access from virtually any device, independent from app stores.

people watching a training video

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Gemini’s training videos can show a complex procedure demonstrated by a competent subject matter expert or use an animation to step the user through the process step-by-step. Either way, it will be available ‘just in time’ and as many times as needed.

Adults being taught by an instructor in a classroom setting

An experienced and knowledgeable instructor makes a big difference to learning outcomes but so does a well-designed curriculum. We do both – our ISDs work with Subject Matter Experts to ensure every word and learning objective is relevant and technically accurate and if needed, our instructors can deliver the course to any demanding audience.

montage representing blended learning

Blended learning solutions have become the mainstay of training design as they offer unprecedented flexibility and opportunity to use the best in ISD theory and technology to advance knowledge and skill development. Gemini’s blended learning solutions bring together comprehensive classroom instructions, virtual task training and immersive simulations, and hands-on lab activities that allow the students to get necessary tactile and psychomotor exposure.

person using virtual reality display

The role of VR/AR in training is still being defined by the training community and Gemini is on the forefront of that discussion in creating maintenance training solutions in immersive VR environments, with clearly defined learning outcomes. Our VR training gives the learner a chance to practice psychomotor domain tasks with precision and accuracy not usually available in other modes of e-learning.

person taking e-learning course on a mobile device

From e-learning to e-books, today’s learners want their training solutions to be available to them in a convenient and ‘just in time’ format. Should requirements call for it, any training we create can be deployed on a mobile platform or turned into a custom mobile application.

mobile devices with ligh bulbs on screen

Today’s employers often find that the days of multi-day on-site trainings are well behind them. The new workforce demands fast-paced content delivered at the time of need and the place of convenience. Gemini’s microlearning modules can be tailored to any audience and any content and designed using COTS software that is inexpensive and easy deploy in multiple formats.

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