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Custom Training Solutions

Graphic; Your Problem plus Our Solution equals Better Performance


Keeping up with the pace of technology and equipment changes can be a real problem for modern workforces – military and civilian alike. Custom training products target solutions that offer proven performance results.

Right Fit

If and when training is the right answer, it can cover a vast array of content and be delivered in innovative, modern, technology-driven ways. Our team is highly skilled at breaking down complex information into content that is clear, concise, and delivered the right way to the right audience.

Be it traditional classroom, microlearning, 3D gaming, computer- or app-based learning, or a blended approach, we will help analyze the problem and design the solution that’s the RIGHT FIT.

Disciplined Rigor

Behind the success of every project is Gemini’s disciplined approach to requirements analysis and the rigor with which we prepare, plan, and execute to ensure the exact match between our solution and our customers’ needs. From ADDIE to Agile, we use the appropriate tools and proven methodologies to ensure success 100% of the time.


Our inherently agile approach to development allows the customer to review early in the process and make changes in response to changing requirements. When needed, this approach also helps facilitate rapid response and limited budget solutions.

Success Stories

Virtual/Augmented Reality

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Training Simulators

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Training Videos

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Virtual Product Catalogs

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Mobile Learning

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