Program Management


Experienced People

Projects start with the people who work on them. Our seasoned professionals have years of experience working with people who possess a wide range of skills and knowledge – managing interactions, communications, expectations and outcomes.

  • Business Case Analysis
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Stakeholder Relations Support
  • Program Metric Development
  • Program Progress Tracking

Concrete Progress

Balancing the needs for a project to make progress against documenting that progress presents an area of risk – specifically for contracts with stringent requirements. Our team knows how to maintain critical documentation while still pushing the project forward.

100% Effective -100% Of The Time

Program management is complex. Managing all the factors that make projects successful is a task that affects the bottom line and customer satisfaction. Gemini has a 100% project success rate for all the project we manage our own projects as well as our customers – keeping a team’s aim on target to be in time and on budget, every time.

Customer Collaboration

Projects should deliver what a customer needs. In order to do that you need to listen to customers to understand and work with them collaboratively and implement the best solutions for their particular needs and requirements. We have worked successfully with customers across the spectrum to meet their goals and balance cost, scope, and schedule, keeping their projects on track.

Response to Change

Modern projects require faster turnaround and the ability to respond to changes on-demand. Understanding Agile approaches and knowing how to work change into the process is key to reducing risk and is a foundation of our 100% success rate.

THE STANDISH GROUP CHAOS 2016 REPORT shows that the overall trend for project management performance is not as great at companies would desire. There are three markers for improvement:

  • Smaller is better
  • People are the primary drivers for success
  • Agile projects more likely to succeed

Gemini’s 100% success is due to our own dedication to managing project scope and scale, using the best people, and responding to inevitable change.

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