Security and Threat Mitigation

Multi-Modal, High Performance Team Solutions

  • Our Chemists design, develop and fabricate x-ray and visually accurate simulants; reliable x-ray system stimulants; stimulants for whole body scanners; and stimulants for trace detection systems.

  • Our EOD experts develop high fidelity, inert simulated threat devices to be used for training and assessment.

  • Our Information Specialists and Image Engineers capture x-ray images and generate image data to facilitate image evaluation and the intricacies of the protocol of image assessment.

  • Our analysts developed methods to improve the color fidelity of simulated images.

The Forefront of Homeland Security

Gemini provides a wide range of specialized counter-terrorism and intermodal transportation security services. As the global threat to homeland security continues to evolve and new terrorism methods emerge, Gemini’s team of security and threat mitigation engineers helped prepare our nation’s transportation security workforce with the training required to maintain an optimal state of readiness.