Success Stories

The Partnership Factor

Gemini understands the role of being a trusted and reliable partner to ensure success with any program. As cited by one of our primes, 

“If I were to sum up Gemini Technologies, Inc., I would have to say they are outstanding performers, can be counted on to tackle the most difficult challenges, and always deliver on-time or ahead of schedule and within cost. 

Gemini always finds a way to pitch-in and assist, while not needing additional funds to do it. I am always impressed when I have an opportunity to chat with Gemini staff members without their leadership present. They know exactly what their role is, how they fit in the team, what their impact is on my mission and how their end results play into TSA’s mission. Gemini is an exceptional partner.”


Robert A. Johnson
Lockheed Martin Program Manager
SST900 Threat Mitigation, Engineering & Image Program