Success Stories

Perspective Matters

The Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) program had existing interactive multimedia instruction that addressed the features of the system but they needed something more than a generic video overview.

The Gemini design team worked collaboratively with the customer to identify each segment of the JPADS audience and designed a solution that satisfied all levels of stakeholders – all levels of expertise and JPADS roles.
We created an interactive IMI using 3D assets and animations demonstrating not only the main concepts of the system but also the various viewpoints (from the aircraft, on the ground, and profile) that different members of the JPADS community would experience while interacting with the system.

To enhance the learning experience further, the IMI also allows the user to control the speed of the animations and provides interactive FreePlay, where users can change variables such as wind speed and direction to see the impact on the flight pattern of the JPADS system. This solution provided far more than familiarization basics and offered value to users in the air and on the ground without adding undue cost.