Program Management

Program management entails the planning, direction, and oversight of efforts towards ensuring that desired outcomes are obtained. Gemini’s management experience ranges from simple project management to strategic corporate and enterprise management. 

 Our experience enables us to support our customers with: 

  •  Business Case Analysis based on quantitative and qualitative cost/benefit analysis of strategic program goals and objectives and culminating into a well articulated program mission statement, goals, and objectives.
  • Organizational Analysis based on sound principles of Organizational Management and providing unambiguous definitions of functions, responsibilities, accountability, and lines of reporting and authority.
  • Stakeholder Relations Support to ensure that all stakeholders are routinely and effectively informed of program goals, program status, and how their individual interests are served by the program.
  • Development of Program Metrics to assess the success of the program relative to its mission statement, goals, and objectives. Development of Program Roadmaps that delineate the sequence of objectives, contingencies based on formal risk analysis, and key program milestones. Development and maintenance of an Integrated Master Schedule to consolidate subordinate schedules, monitor overall progress, analyze critical paths, and manage resources.
  • Program Progress Tracking support via program dashboards that summarize status towards achieving program goals and objectives.

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