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 Systems Engineering

Modelling and Simulation

Gemini’s expertise includes highly analytical models and algorithms, statistical models, discrete event simulations, operations research models, queuing models, and process flow models.

A Structured Process:

  • Understand the objectives
  • Analyze alternatives
  • Establish high level and detailed requirements
  • Establish test criteria
  • Support the system throughout its lifecycle

Innovative Solutions for
Present-Day Problems

Engineering projects are often the most exciting demonstration of problem solving. Leveraging many years of hands on experience, Gemini’s System Engineers work closely with our customers to understand needs and objectives, identify stakeholders and their needs, and define desired system functions. Our systems engineering team can formulate solutions from an array of customer challenges, from highly analytical testing and evaluation models and algorithms, to system lifecycle configuration management and process improvement, even physical modeling design and production.

System Lifecycle Management

Gemini Systems Engineers will define integration and interface requirements for each subsystem and the system as a whole. The outcome of these efforts is documented in a system of specifications that will guide the design and development of the system/subsystems, Work Breakdown Structure, system development schedule, and test requirements. As the system is being developed by Gemini or third parties, we provide independent verification and validation and oversee the development efforts to ensure that schedule milestones are met. Gemini Test Engineers support independent functional, performance, and acceptance tests with traceability to system requirements. Prior to system launch or deployment, Gemini develops User Guides, Standard Operating Procedures, Desk procedures, and supports formal Configuration Management and Process Improvements throughout the lifecycle of the system.